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Tzu Chi

Master Cheng Yen founded Tzu Chi on May 14, 1966, in the east coast city of Hualien in Taiwan. With the belief that the Dharma can be applied in daily life, Master Cheng Yen hopes to nurture the spirit of sincerity, integrity, faith, and steadfastness, as well as the Buddhist values of love, compassion, joy, and giving to those in need. Under her compassionate guidance, Tzu Chi now has many volunteers around the world who are actively contributing to serve those in need, turning the power of compassion into action.

Tzu Chi Indonesia

The seeds of Tzu Chi’s Great Love from Taiwan were planted in Indonesia in 1993. Liang Cheung, a Taiwanese Tzu Chi volunteer, came to Indonesia to accompany her husband. She then got acquinted with some wives of Taiwanese businessmen. Later, Liang Cheung managed to encourage them to participate as Tzu Chi donators. Over time, after observing and realizing the hardships of many people around them, these housewives came across an idea “why don`t we do charity work here in Indonesia?”

Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA)

Hoping to make medical care more accessible to the sick and in need, a group of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other hospitals and clinics in Taiwan stepped forward to establish the Tzu Chi Medical Association in 1996. This association was renamed Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA).

Tzu Chi Hospital

Tzu Chi Hospital was founded by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medika Indonesia Foundation to be an ideal referral hospital and an excellent medical example. Furthermore, Tzu Chi Hospital’s mission is to save lives and maintain health by upholding the spirit of compassion. Therefore, Tzu Chi Hospital contributed to taking care of Covid-19 patients. For this reason, service for Covid-19 patients began on June 14, 2021, at which time the Covid-19 pandemic was heading for the peak of its second wave, while services for general patients started on October 1, 2021.

Ir. Budi Gunadi Sadikin, CHFC, CLU

Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Sugianto Kusuma

CEO of Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Indonesia

Chin Lon Lin, MD 

CEO of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

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