Abstract Submission

Official Language

All presentations at 2020 TIMA International Conference will be in English

Structure of Abstracts

Oral Abstract

Oral abstracts should be comprised of the following elements, with each section entered separately:

1. Title

The abstract title should be in initial capital/lower case, not all capitals. Title should be limited to 25 words.

2. Author details and Affiliation

Author’s names should be supplied in the surname-first format and should be in initial capital/lower case and not all capitals. Email address should be supplied for all authors.

All affiliations should contain the department, institution, city, and country.

3. Abstract Text

The body of abstract should be written using the following headings: Introduction, Objectives, Methods (may include subheadings such as Subjects/Participants Intervention/s, Outcome measure, etc, if necessary), Results, and Conclusion. Use standard abbreviations (spell out in full at first mention, add abbreviations in parenthesis). Use numeras for number. Abstracts should be limited to maximum of 250 words. Only online format submission of abstracts will be accepted.

4. Format

Use abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears. Please use only Times New Roman font. Font size should be 12. Abstract must be submitted in Microsoft Office Word file format (doc or docx).

Poster Abstract

For Poster Abstract, the poster should be in A1 size

The oral or poster presenter must fully participate in 2020 TIMA International Conference and must be registered first.

Submitting Abstract

Submitting abstract is done through email at tima2020conf@tzuchi.or.id.
Abstract submission is open at 1 May 2020 to 31 May 2020.