Tzu Chi Hospital



JAKARTA, 16 – 17 JUNE 2023


Amid various aggressions of disasters and epidemics that have afflicted humans worldwide due to the climate crisis, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has always been at the forefront in providing the assistance needed by those affected by it. With universal love as the principle that Master Cheng Yen always teaches, Tzu Chi has spread into 67 countries and has assisted in more than 128 countries regardless of ethnicity, race, and religion.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and Tzu Chi International Medical Association, known as TIMA, quietly provided humanitarian assistance to help those affected by COVID-19, both in Indonesia and worldwide. Various kinds of assistance were provided, including food packages for citizens who undergo self-quarantine, rice donations, and a vaccine center to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Through its health sector, TIMA (Tzu Chi International Medical Association), Rumah Sakit Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi, and Tzu Chi Hospital in Indonesia, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation continues to strive to become an indicator of humanitarian assistance in the medical field. Rumah Sakit Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi was the first hospital built by Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia in 2003; it is now fully accredited. Meanwhile, Tzu Chi Hospital started operating on June 14, 2021, and its inauguration will be in June 2023, along with hosting the first international forum from TIMA Indonesia.

Within this international medical forum, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation through TIMA Indonesia wants to continue to support Continuing Medical Education (Pendidikan Kedokteran Berkelanjutan, PKB) for the medical and paramedic community in Indonesia. Various topics that will be shared include medical advances for palliative care, advances in bone marrow transplant procedures, and various innovative developments that apply technology in the medical field.

Health services based on a humanist culture are one of the essential ideas at the forum. Through health services guided by gratitude, respect, and love, they can unite the hearts of every person involved, including doctors, nurses, volunteers, and patients.

Furthermore, forum participants will also be invited to learn more about the contributions made by TIMA volunteers in various countries, such as the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States. The progress of TIMA members in various countries can be a source of inspiration to strengthen the good and inspiring collaboration among medical personnel to continue to develop a spirit of love for those who need help.